December 1, 2022 TCL

NEW YORKSept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Team Combat League is thrilled to announce today plans to launch a new sports combat league employing elite boxers in North America beginning in March 2023. The League will be the first combat pro sports league to have both genders competing in the same matches, as part of the same team. Once initial expansion has been completed, the league will be the first professional team league to have franchises located in the Unites States, MexicoCanada, and Europe, reflecting the breadth of interest in combat sports across the geographic spectrum.

“We are excited to bring the action-packed excitement of team boxing to North America,” said Ahmed Sheikh, Co-Founder of TCL. “We believe the sport of boxing is ripe for innovation and spectators will embrace our team concept.”

The initial franchises are the New York City Attitude, the Los Angeles Terminators, the Dallas Enforcers, the Houston Hitmen, the Las Vegas Hustle, the Philadelphia Smokers, the DC Destroyers, and the Cali Baja Brawlers.  Initial matches will take place beginning March 11, 2023 and will continue weekly on the East and West Coast for twelve weeks.

Each team will have 18 active fighters and six backup fighters. Mr. Sheikh remarked, “We are excited about the opportunity that will be afforded young fighters who previously may have not succeeded because of lack of opportunity. The growing divide between the haves and have nots in the boxing world is disappointing and the TCL launch in North America will help correct this inequity. No aspiring fighter should fail because of lack of opportunity.”

The regular season will be followed by a playoff season that will feature four qualifying teams appearing in two semifinal matches with the two prevailing teams proceeding to compete in the championship match. Superfight 1, History in the Making will take place on Sunday, July 2, 2023.

Team Combat League anticipates adding eight new franchises by its third season. “The breadth of interest in boxing around the world will allow us to build a diverse fan base across all races, ethnicities, and genders while at the same time crossing geographical barriers,” added Mr. Sheikh. “At this juncture in history with so many forces dividing people, it is more important than ever to bring the world together through sport.”

TCL uses a proprietary point system whereby each match produces points based on a draw, decision, knockdowns, and knockouts. Points generated from each individual bout are added to the team total.  Stay tuned for more upcoming news on initial venues, celebrity partners and digital distribution.

About Team Combat League

Team Combat League competitions employ a unique and exclusive point scoring system. Each match contains 24 three-minute rounds of nonstop action with a 15-minute halftime after round 12. Teams compete across six weight categories, five male and one female. Each round is scored individually with additional points added for knockouts and knockdowns. One point to each team for a draw, two points for a decision, additional points for knockdowns and maximum six points for fight stoppage. At the conclusion of the 24 rounds, the team with the most points wins.

Each season will begin in March and conclude with the championship match, The Super Fight. Super Fight 1, History in the Making, will take place on Sunday July 2, 2023.