There will be 8 teams competing in season 1. Expansion in further seasons shall be determined by the President and must receive majority consent from governing board.

  1. Each team shall play 12 matches in 12 consecutive weeks. Schedule as determined by the league. There will be 24 rounds per match.

  2. There will be 6 weight classes to be set by the President shall be at “walk around” weight. Substantial weight cutting will be strictly prohibited. Fighters will be weighed on fight night in the dressing room prior to a fight by an appointed league official.

  3. There will be 3 fighters per weight class per team.

  4. Each team shall have 18 fighters in total.

  5. There will be one reserve team with 18 fighters. If one active fighter becomes unavailable, team GM must email league office request which member of the reserve team they will like to “pick up”. Requests will be accommodated on a first come first serve basis.

  6. Each match shall be split between two halves containing 12 rounds each.

  7. Each round shall be 3 minutes long Including females.

  8. There shall be 1 minute break in between rounds with an additional 2 minutes added after round 6 of both halves.

  9. The home coach in the first round of a half shall direct his fighter to enter the ring within 15 seconds of the end of a round, the opposing coach has 15 seconds to send in opposing fighter. In the second round the order of coaches is reversed and they switch off going forward.

  10. There will be a 15-minute break at halftime.

  11. Each team shall receive 1 point in the event the round is Judged a draw. If a team wins a round by decision, they are awarded 2 points.

  12. Exact criterion in terms of what Judges will be examining when Judging a round shall be finalized by the President and updated prior to beginning of the season

  13. Each judged knockdown receives an additional point. A point may be deducted for low blow at Judge’s discretion.

  14. If a fighter can’t continue because of TKO or knockout, the victor earns 6 points for the team. For avoidance of doubt, in the event of a TKO or knockout, the winning team receives 6 points maximum regardless of any additional knockdowns.

  15. If a fighter is unable to continue in the first half, the backup fighter in that weight class fights a round in the second half automatically. If two fighters of the same weight class are knocked out in the first half, the backup fighter may fight two rounds in the second half. If the backup fighter gets knocked out in his/her first round in second half, the winning team receives an additional 6 points for the second round in that weight class in the second half as well. For avoidance of doubt, they will have scored 24 points in that weight class for the match.

  16. If a fighter misses weight, he/she will be ineligible to compete, and the team must proceed with two fighters. Any fighter can only fight a maximum of two rounds and as such if a fighter in that weight class is stopped in first half, opposing team earns not only 6 points for that round but an additional 6 points in second half given the fighter who missed weight is unable to compete.

  17. Separately, a coach may use a backup fighter in the second half for strategic purposes though for one round only- unless as mentioned above both starting fighters were knocked out in the first half.

  18. The team with the most points at the end of the 24 rounds wins.

  19. During the regular season ties will be allowed.

  20. The top 4 teams shall advance to “the semis”.

  21. In the event two teams have the same win loss record, the winner of the head-to-head matchup will be awarded higher place. The next tie breaker shall be points scored. The final tie breaker shall be total points differential in their matches played. Finally, if no tie breaker breaks the tie, there will be a one match wild card played.

  22. The winner of the semifinal matches shall advance to the Super Fight. During the playoffs, in the event of a tie, each coach selects a weight class, and the opposing team coach selects a fighter to fight in that weight class and the other coach reverts back with an opposing fighter. Two additional rounds are then fought and if those 2 additional rounds result in a tie, this process repeats itself until a winner is crowned. If each active fighter has fought 3 rounds, the backup fighters must be used.

  23. Each fighter will be tested periodically for performance enhancing drugs. Details of the drug testing program shall be modeled on Major League Baseball’s no tolerance program. Any athlete that is found to be using performance enhancing drugs will receive an automatic 1-year suspension.

  24. The President shall set a salary cap well before each season for all 18 “slots”. Teams shall sign fighters to slots that correspond to compensation.

  25. There will be a residency requirement whereby a minimum of 25% of each team must be comprised of individuals whose official residency has been the team’s city for a period of at least 5 years.

  26. No individual employed by the league, or an individual franchise may gamble on any match involving any league franchise. Anyone found to have violated this policy will be immediately suspended for one year. The President shall have discretion to impose lifetime ban depending on the circumstances.